April 7, 2019

Change database connections on the fly.

We're all familiar with how to change the settings for our database connection, hope into the .env file and edit away. but what if we wanted to change the connection settings...


October 8, 2018

Extra columns with Laravel database notifications

As you may already know, Laravel (since 5.3) ships with a great out-the-box notifications support, it has native support for many "channels", also, extra channels like Telegram can be obtained...


August 13, 2018

Auto-Deployments for your 'Vanilla Servers'

Ever felt envious about pushing to master then hitting your server to find your changes automatically deployed? but you don't wanna pay for a service like Envoyer? Codeship is a Continuous...


July 24, 2018

Running Laravel on FreeBSD 10

I'm gonna be using for the hosting, as they are cheap and of solid quality, If you decide you want to use them and it's your first time registering, I'd appreciate it if you use my...