October 20, 2019

Implement hot swapping service-drivers in your Laravel app.

We've all wondered at some point or another how does Laravel implement swapping of services like the database driver just by editing a config value? I've touched a little bit on this topic in this...


September 15, 2019

A flexible way to generate permissions for resources.

For every app that requires managing roles and permissions, there's this problem of how do I generate and seed all the needed roles and permissions on every deployment, I'm gonna show you a neat way...


September 12, 2019

Run tests from host on a Homestead MySQL server

Being ruined by the lightness and speed of Laravel Valet on my personal machine, and since Valet is not available on Ubuntu officially, a couple of years ago I decided to install all my stack...


May 8, 2019

Modeling recursive relationships in Laravel Nova

I'm thinking of starting kind of a series of posts where I share tips for using Laravel Nova when building real world apps. Today's problem is the following, we have a list of tags each...