I’m Yazan Stash. I make things, with code and wood.

I’ve loved making things for as long as I can remember, created a tree leaves "blender" by the age of 12, and had Wednesdays blocked for "inventions". It's okkay to laugh, my dad still do.

Making things means you'll need to prototype, and with prototypes comes cost and access to materials, but with software, you just need your machine to create endless programs, which was the main driver for me to learn how to code.

I wrote my first "program" in NotePad as a prank which kept opening cmd quickly until you quit it, if you knew how or was fast enough. Then wrote a tiny 2D game in Visual BASIC. And then came college where I majored in Computer Information Systems where I learned that PHP is a shitty language, until my last simister when my good friend, Emad showed me a PHP framework called Laravel, when he SSHed into a beta server and started "tinkering" bring the site up and down I was intrigued, I spent the night watching Laracasts and from that moment on, I was hooked. Laravel all the way.

Today, I hold a position of a senior software engineer in Foodics.

I also sometimes use this blog to write about random thinks that I think about, reflections, rants, and whatever is on my mind at the time. You can read those here.